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"Even the grinch has a heart!"

Chad Mooney

I am a human that uses a keyboard to create cool things for people to enjoy. People call this "smart"... I call it "Magic".
I am self taught coder that enjoys the cool shit on the internet. I love talking about code and find myself often in random parts of the internet, talking, teaching, admiring and showing off code. I enjoy making people happy and love to help in any way I possibly can.
I would rather give you everything instead of charging you. I don't enjoy money, but it makes life easier.... I guess.
A family man
I know right... [ Mind blown ] Yes, I have time for my family, I love my daughter and girlfriend. I try and share as much of my life as I can with the both of them. I think life is to short to just "work" and/or "study".. We are here to live not slave.
Where am I from?
I live Australia, In a not so gorgeous place called Taree. But, I enjoy it. It's the people here that I really like. I grew up in Mt Isa and then moved to the Mid-North Coast area of NSW. Have lived a life many people can't even understand or even think about...
A life that is not even explainable, but I am here today and many thought I wouldn't. Damn... I even thought I wouldn't make it a few times. I am a helpful and honest person. But, I am also very cold to those that shit me. I don't have many friends. I don't try to find any. I find people are only nice until you no longer provide a "want" they have... But, I will still help and do whatever I can regardless.

"Even the Grinch has a heart"

 •—• Chad Mooney ( Trikyas ) •—• 

I have no idea what I am doing...
Allow yourself to make mistakes.

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I have no idea what I am doing...
Allow yourself to make mistakes.


"Even the grinch has a heart!"

  • Creative or Talented

    If I were to tell you that your life is already perfect, whole, and complete just as it is, you would think I was crazy. Nobody believes his or her life is perfect. And yet there is something within each of us that basically knows we are boundless, limitless.


    "I have no idea what I am doing...
    Allow yourself to make mistakes."

  • If I were to tell you

  • Your life is already PERFECT!

  • Complete just the way it is.

  • You would say I was "Crazy!"

  • Nobody believes thier life is perfect.

  • Yet, there is something within all of us that knows we are…

  • •—• LIMITLESS •—•

I have a “notepad”…
Where I hide my tiny secrets and tricks…
Tiny ideas and with obvious distractions…
It's made obfuscated, placed inside an icon and their it all Sits…
The things I find cool, amazing, interesting and free…
The random Ideas that were answered in a split second…
And ideas that are still … just a random idea…
Like this idea now.
The projects I dream of, but I just keep looking for that “something better or more”…
Some Projects that were forgotten and simply not written…
I have a Notepad with links to the most inspiring ideas and thoughts…
The most amazing background images..
the most incredible scripts of code that… Well most of you don't even know and will never see…
Because, now it's gone.
Bizare and wonderful is a world we ignore!
The petty and ill minded the masses seem to applure.
This is the world, we are convinced to up take.
They believe in a God that is obviously fake.
And still my mind was created to slowly take over.
Take over this.... Internet... this world of wonder.
I will change this world and I could be looked at like clover,
but then just maybe.... I'll be heard like thunder...

  • Is everybody

  • Is everyone

  • The Earth wants

  • And People that are

  • Create Love, Life
    & Be

  • Chad Mooney












    Things you just don't expect

  • New York City from Air

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Have you ever thought?

The internet is just like a generic brand. Something that is just the fastest or simplest method of creating a site? I mean,I feel the only sites that are creative are those from designers and developers. Why have these great artist, creators, miracle makers if they're not being hired to use their talent?
I am sick of seeing "Politically correct" content, Words that are placed in certain way, in an attempt to not offend anyone.
I think we are becoming... Unhuman, detached from our natural feelings and expressions. I think this world is simply controlled by soft uneducated parasites that create things in such a way, that if we express ourselves in a manner that does not match their agenda, we'll get punished. I disagree with this idea... I believe in free education and free help. I think if you want to know or do something, then you should be allowed.
I don't believe money should shape a persons education and options in life... But, sadly. This is our life.
I plan on changing this!

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